Shrek's Adventure attraction to open in London

Shrek, Princess Fiona and Donkey are being brought to life in London's newest attraction, on the South Bank due to open in July 2015.

Shrek's Adventure, which celebrates the four-series movie is to open in County Hall, next to the Sea Life London Aquarium and London Dungeons. Inside the building the team from theme park operator Merlin are constructing a fairytale world featuring characters and key set from the films.

The journey begins on a London Routemaster bus that whisks visitors off to the kingdom of Far Far Away with the help of 4D animation and special effects. Guests are then set their challenge: to find Shrek and locate a magic portal to get safely back to London. On the way. they discover a maze of paths and rooms, scattered with characters from the films. Actors appear in full costume in the rooms, each crafted to recreate key locations including Shrek's swamp home, the Muffin Man's House and the Poison Apple pub.

When guests make it out of Far far Away and back to London, the journey continues into the worlds of three other Dreamworks films: Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How To Train Your Dragon.