Our company has been established in 2006 and up to 2012 has been known under name Piccadilly Travel. Our specialisation was on incoming to the UK and Ireland in luxury segment. Later on we also successfully became an operator to Caribbean luxury destinations. Therefore a bit later we rebranded into Velvet Travel.

Acting as Tour Operator and selling to hundreds of agencies, our knowledge about the UK, Ireland and Caribbean is second to none. We visited all corners, stayed in all best hotels and can suggest as a local.

During nearly a decade of our operation, we won a lot of recognition among private and corporate clients, based in London and in other parts of the world, which book anything they need in any destination they wish to go. For those direct clients we act as a travel agent. The spectrum of services for our clients is wide – sporting events, villas and yachts search, booking of the private jets and personalized itineraries of the travel.

Nothing is standard about what we do; we create around your needs. Use our contacts to gain you the best.

Our work philosophy is simple. We will arrange as little or as much as you require. Just get in contact with us via email or the phone and we will get back to you within few hours.